Core members:

Flavia ManciniHead of Nox Lab

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Flavia trained at the University of Milan and UCL. Currently, she is a Career Development Award fellow at the University of Cambridge, funded by the MRC. Her past research has defined how the human brain encodes pain sensations, and her current fellowship focuses on investigating how learning shapes pain using computational models. Previously, she discovered the existence of fine-grained maps of pain in the human somatosensory cortex, which support our ability to judge where something hurts. The S1 pain map is shaped by sensory learning, but preserved in chronic pain patients. Finally, she showed that reward/punishment learning predicts clinical outcomes in inflammatory arthritis, by reducing sensitivity to rewards in parieto-frontal-striatal brain circuits (ms in prep). 

Georgia TurnerResearch Assistant

Georgia studied BA Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and MSc Brain and Mind Sciences at UCL (London) and Sorbonne University (Paris). Her previous research explored how predictions influence perception. She is interested in using computational modelling and neuroimaging to investigate how expectations shape pain experience.

Affiliated members:

Suyi Zhangpostdoc fellow at University of Oxford

Dounia Moulderspostdoc fellow at MIT


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