Thanks for the interest in our Part IIB projects for academic year 2022/2023.

Here is a brief introduction to our research.

Here I discuss the project “The role of learning in chronic pain”, where we aim to innovate pain assessment by measuring learning using brain games.

Below, you can find an introduction to the “Statistical learning in the human brain project”. In this project, you will learn how to develop and apply Bayesian Inference models to understand human perception and behaviour. You will also learn how to collect and analyse brain imaging data. The project will have the support of a postdoc in the group.

Please get in touch if you have any questions:

If you are considering to apply to the project, please send me your CV, a transcript of your IIA marks, and a brief statement of interest, stating: (1) which project you are interested in; (2) why you are interested; (3) any previous research/work or coding experience. Selected candidates will be invited to have a meeting to discuss the project and candidate suitability.

We are a small research team – in the new academic year there will be 2 postdocs, 1 graduate research assistant and affiliated members. This means that PartIIB students will work fairly closely with the PI as well have some support from other members of the lab. We typically have a group meeting every week (a round up of all projects), and one additional project meeting every week. We use Slack for all lab communications. To be a good fit for the group, you need to be able to both work independently and also collaborate with team members.