Lab Members

Flavia Mancini – Head of Nox Lab

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Flavia is an Assistant Professor in Innovative Computational Methods and MRC Career Development Award fellow at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Nox Lab is based in the Computational and Biological Learning research group, Division of Information Engineering. Flavia trained in neuroscience at the University of Milan, University College London and University of Cambridge. She is also a Fellow at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Carl Ashworth 

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Carl is a PhD candidate in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, funded by an EPSRC PhD studentship. In his PhD, he aims to understand the neural mechanisms involved in body homeostasis and endogenous pain regulation from a theoretical perspective, using insight from control theory. On the side, Carl is a keen musician, and holds a Diploma in Trombone.

Nicolas Anguita

Nicolas will start his PhD in Engineering in Lent 2025. Nicolas has a background in mathematics and computer science from Imperial College, London.

Qingyun Chen

Qingyun is completing a MEng in our department and will start his PhD in October 2024.

Benjamin Slater

Ben is an ESRC funded 1+3 PhD student in Psychology and Engineering, jointly supervised by Professor Lucy Cheke and Flavia. Ben is working on developing ways to assess the capabilities of artificial agents, as part of the Animal AI project. Prior to this he completed an MCompSci Computer Science at the University of Oxford and worked as a Software Engineer.

Sruthi Srivinasan

Sruthi is an affiliate member of the group. She is a 3rd year PhD candidate in engineering, supervised by Dr Gemma Bale (Neuro-optics group) and advised by Flavia. Sruthi is focusing on machine learning of optical imaging signals and collaborating with the Nox Lab for this work. 

Maeghal Jain


Maeghal is a computer scientist, doing an internship in our group. Her work focuses on software and code development for neuroimaging analyses.


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