Flavia Mancini – Head of Nox Lab

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Flavia is a Career Development Award fellow and head of the Nox Lab at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Her fellowship is funded by the Medical Research Council. She trained in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Milan, University College London and University of Cambridge. Our past research has defined how the human brain encodes pain sensations, and our current research focuses on investigating how learning shapes pain using computational models, in healthy volunteers and patients with chronic pain.

Jakub OnyskResearch Assistant. Jakub’s journey began with the study of Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of Exeter. His mathematical background and interest in philosophy of mind led him to pursue an MSc in Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh, where he focused on computational psychiatry of eating disorders. He continues to explore the mechanisms of suffering, here at the Nox Lab, investigating the perceptual and motivational aspects of pain.


Affiliated members:

Dounia Mulders – FNRS research fellow at Universite’ Catholique de Louvain, Cambridge and MIT

Maeghal Jain – intern student

MEng 4th year students 2022/23: Carl Ashworth | Sharon Ho | Sherry Wang

Alumni: Jakub Onysk | Mia Whitefield | Georgia Turner | Agatha Anet | Anna Guttesen | Karina Dolgevica | James Steckelmacher | Armando Bauleo | Alessia Pepe | Giulia di Stefano | Anne-Lise Beaumont